Manufacture of aerosol products

We manufacture a wide range of aerosols (see Product Range) in both aluminium and tinplate containers, handling can diameters from 35 mm to 65 mm and fill sizes from approx. 25 ml up to 700 ml. We use a wide range of aerosol propellants including butane (30, 40 and 70), DME (dimethyl ether), 134a, 1234 ze, 152a, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and compressed air. We can fill a wide range of viscosity liquids and powder slurries (with recirculation through filling).
We have six aerosol production lines including one dedicated to healthcare/medical device products.

Manufacture of bag on valve products

Bag on valve aerosol systems are growing in popularity and are beneficial for liquid products where contact of the liquid product with an aerosol propellant is either not required or desired. They have the environmental benefit of using compressed air as the propellant.
We have one dedicated production line for bag on valve product manufacture of healthcare/medical device products and one aerosol line that is interchangeable to bag on valve for producing a general range of product types including technical, industrial, household and personal care.

Secondary packaging

To support our core manufacturing service, we provide secondary packaging services including application of labels to products and packing product in to various formats including individual cartons with IFU’s.


We have 4 separate blending suites dedicated to manufacture of product concentrates for: -
• Healthcare/medical device
• Veterinary
• Personal care
• Household/Automotive/Technical

Product development

We have a development laboratory for product formulating and packaging design. We develop new aerosol and bag on valve products for all the markets sectors we service. We work with established manufacturer’s of key aerosol components, notably cans and valve systems, and quality suppliers of raw materials to develop products of the highest quality. We offer compatibility and stability testing on new formulations and, with support from third party partners, we provide product safety testing and full ICH stability. We can assist with raising Technical Files for medical device products.

New product introduction

We have a dedicated commercial team for managing the introduction of new products, from development through to commercial manufacture. We produce critical paths which are working documents to manage the key actions to be undertaken by our clients and ourselves to achieve timely product launch.

Hydrokem Aerosols Ltd

Members of
British Aerosol Manufacturers Association

Established for over 40 years, Hydrokem specialise in delivering a range of quality aerosol products for personal, medical, household & automotive uses.

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Hydrokem Aerosols Ltd, 4 Hickmans Rd, Birkenhead CH41 1JH

0151 630 4414

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0151 630 4414