Four fully automatic filling lines complete with the latest automatic valve insertion, sprayhead fitting, capping and shrink wrapping equipment provide a capacity of over 30 million aerosols per year. 

In our well equipped fully flame-proof mixing room we have 15 stainless steel vessels with an extensive range of sophisticated blending equipment, providing over 40,000 litres of simultaneous manufacturing capacity.

Propellant systems include three pressure grades of propane/butane, DME, the non-flammable, non-ozone depleting propellant 134a as well as compressed gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition to the bulk propellants, our tank farm also contains ethanol, isopropanol and several hydrocarbon solvents. Facilities for product development and short run production include in-house screen printing machinery.

In addition to normal gas propelled aerosols, Hydrokem also has equipment for the production of 'bag on valve' aerosols. This system allows the liquid contents of the aerosol to be held in an internal bag separate from the propellant, which in this case is compressed air. The system is particulary suited to products where the active ingredients may not be particularly soluble in the presence of traditional propellants. Aerosols commonly found using this process are shaving gels and tanning sprays. Hydrokem has offered this facility for the production of veterinary products and medical devices.