• Adhesive removers
  • Barrier sprays
  • Ostomy deodorisers

Following co-operation between Hydrokem and a leading supplier of medical appliances we developed a new aerosol product for the removal of adhesive dressings without the trauma associated with traditional alcohol based products. This was particularly welcomed in the ostomy market where appliances are often changed two or three times per day.

Further barrier products and deodorisers were introduced to support the range and Hydrokem are now a leading supplier of these products for UK and
export markets.

The 'bag on valve' is particulary suited to the production of adhesive removers and barrier sprays for the Ostomy market. The benefits include the elimination of the chill associated with traditional aerosol sprays when sprayed onto the skin. In addition the bag on valve aerosol may be held in any attitude - inverted or horizontally - with no loss of performance.

As a result of the continued investment in theĀ  production facilities for Medical Devices and the increasing knowledge of this product sector it was decided to pursue formal accreditation in the manufacture of medical devices and as a result the company achieved certification to EN ISO 13485:2012 at the end of 2014.